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by Al Benson Jr.

The parochial city of Lexington, Virginia has a new Confederate Battle Flag, on private property, on Route 60, which is just outside of the city limits of Lexington. Thank Heaven for private property, because if the city of Lexington owned all the property then they would be able to drop a large part of their history and heritage right down the memory hole.

You might be curious as to why I labeled Lexington as parochial. Look at it this way. Any city that consciously obliterates part of its history and denies part of its heritage is a city that will not long endure. At some point, its provincialism will become apparent to the point that it will cease to be a place of any importance, and it will eventually be swallowed up in that great nether world of political correctness and "diversity."

This month we celebrate the birthdays of Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson, probably two of the finest Christian patriots this country has ever produced. However, thanks to the perpetual whining of some disaffected minorities, their memories must now be erased in Lexington and their distinguished places in that city must be denied or at least denigrated. A place that denies the great among them is destined for the ash heap of history. To deny great men is to put emphasis on the mediocre and the pedestrian--and that is what Lexington has deemed is the only way to go. No Confederate flags in that august city--they might "offend" someone who does not want to understand their true history and therefore has an agenda for their demise without any opposition  from the local folks.

Ahh, but there IS opposition, darn it,  and those local rednecks just won't shut up and go home to watch their car races or football games, or whatever else the elite has designed to keep them occupied so they don't notice what is going on. They want to see the symbols of their history and heritage flying aloft without shame--and they have a right to that, contrary to the wishes of the offended minority. These minorities are not the only ones with rights, although they doubtless wish to have it so, as so they work to get ordinances passed that will remove the rights of others so they can exercise theirs with no opposition or competition. But it ain't quite working out in Lexington. Hence that big Confederate Battle Flag out on Route 60--long may it wave!

And we should not hesitate to honor Lee and Jackson, not only in Lexington, but all across the South. Fly your Confederate flags, put new bumper stickers with flags on your pickup trucks, and let people know you are thankful for your heritage--not proud and arrogant, but thankful.

Lee and Jackson were both humble Christian men who relied on Jesus Christ for their salvation, unlike many of those who have days or times commemorating them nowadays and who were the friends of communists and other various assorted leftists.

I wonder if, someday this week, over 1,000 people marched down the main street of Lexington carrying Confederate flags, would the City Council try to have them all arrested? I wonder if such an event would be considered the use of the Cloward/Piven strategy going in reverse. Interesting thought.
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by Al Benson Jr.

A friend in Southwest Virginia recently sent me an article posted by The Virginia Flaggers back in December of last year. It listed 12 reasons to fly the Confederate Battle Flag. I can't list all of them here, but there were some pretty good ones among them so I'd like to comment a bit on them.

 They started off with: It is one of the oldest Christian symbols on Earth (The St. Andrews Cross) and silently but eloquently lets the world know that a Christian family resides at the residence where it is flown. Although many don't comment on it, this is one of the major reasons the Battle Flag is so hated among the communists, socialists, and various other bottom-feeding leftists around the country. The Battle Flag is, indeed, a Christian flag and the leftists hate it because they hate Jesus Christ. To them, He is competing for the Kingdom of God with them and they'd love to dethrone Him, as Satan wanted to do in Matthew 4 but was unable to. His disciples, however, have not given up yet and they still keep trying. Sorry guys, you're not going to make it. If you couldn't keep Him in the tomb on that first Easter morning you won't be able to remove Him from God's right hand now. But you have to keep trying, I guess. After all, when you're beaten you have to do something to keep others from knowing.

Another good reason: It, (the Battle Flag) is a universal symbol of resistance to tyranny, having been sighted flying in nearly every modern day conflict where people were, or are fighting an oppressive and despotic governance. And the leftists and ultra-liberals realize that, and since they are the Fathers of all tyranny in the world today they must automatically hate any symbol that represents resistance to tyranny.

Yet another good one: It is a reminder that Liberty is a God-given right, not a commodity to be controlled by greedy politicians, left-wing liberal teachers, and power-crazed activist judges. And it's also a reminder that Liberty is worth fighting for. You can bet the theological and political Left grits its collectivist teeth when reminded that it is God that bestows liberty, not some socialist regime that tells you that you are free when they toss you a few political crumbs. "If you like your health insurance then you can keep your health insurance." Even their "freedom" is built upon lies!

And another important reason: It lets those who would oppress us, and steal our Liberty know, they have not yet succeeded, and will not have succeeded, until they have killed every last one of us, and destroyed every last Battle Flag. This has seldom happened in any oppressed country throughout history and will not happen here, unless we fail to educate our children about the real meaning of the Flag. And here, we have our work cut out for us. We not only have to educate our children about the meaning of the Battle Flag, but we have to educate them as to what the War of Northern Aggression was really all about and how a Unitarian/socialist Northern government sought to destroy the Christian culture of the South both before and after the shooting was all over. "Reconstruction" was a Marxist program--the term even came from Marx. The hard truth is, unless we start giving our children a Christian education and start doing it seriously, we will lose not only our children but the country as well.

That's a somber thought, but we'd better begin to dwell on it and get those kids out of public  schools that are under the control of our adversaries. You are only one generation away from losing your Christian culture, your heritage and your liberty. What you do with your kids will determine your (and their) future.

Forwarded from Bernard Thuersam 

Today North Carolina Recognizes the Birth Date of General Robert E. Lee  -- 19 January 1807

A Legal Holiday in the State Since 1894

President Dwight Eisenhower said of Lee in 1960:

“General Robert E. Lee was, in my estimation, one of the supremely gifted men produced by our Nation. He believed unswervingly in the Constitutional validity of his cause . . . was thoughtful yet demanding of his officers and men, forbearing with captured enemies but ingenious, unrelenting and personally courageous in battle, and never disheartened by a reverse or obstacle. Through all his many trials, he remained selfless almost to a fault and unfailing in his belief in God.

Taken altogether, he was noble as a leader and as a man, and unsullied as I read the pages of our history. From deep conviction I simply say this: a nation of men of Lee’s caliber would be unconquerable in spirit and soul.”

British General Viscount Garnet Wolseley said of Lee:

“I believe he will be regarded not only as the most prominent figure of the Confederacy, but as the Great American of the nineteenth century, whose statue is well worthy to stand on an equal pedestal with that of Washington, and whose memory is equally worthy to be enshrined in the hearts of all his countrymen. This estimate is based upon a criticism of his character as a man, a soldier, and a Christian citizen. As a thinker and man of intellectual powers little has been said of him, and yet, intellectual power, associated with moral purity, are the true spring of greatness.”

At the annual observance of Lee’s birth date in 1892, Richmond’s Mayor Ellyson said:

[Today we] honor to the memory of one of Virginia's noble sons. Robert E. Lee is forever enshrined in the hearts of his countrymen, and as we contemplate his virtues and heroism we are made better and purer men, [and] whose noblest aspiration in life found its [most complete] realization in the doing of his duty to his God, and his fellow man.

There is no danger, comrades, that the men who wore the grey will ever prove recreant to the principles that actuated them in time of war, but there is danger that our children may, and so we wish on these recurring anniversaries to tell of the chivalrous deeds of such leaders as Lee, Jackson, Stuart and Pickett, and to teach coming generations that the soldiers of the Southern Confederacy were not rebels, but were Americans who loved liberty as something dearer than life itself."

by Al Benson Jr.

The question asked in the title of this article is one that I have pondered in recent years. As a youngster, growing up in the late 1940s and into the 1950s, I grew up in what we all supposed was the typical American culture. Some of it was good and wholesome. Some if it wasn’t, but either way, it was still our culture and at no point did we or do we want to see that part of it that is still good destroyed.

A little over thirteen years ago my wife and I visited some good Christian friends in West Texas. On our way home (we still lived in Illinois at the time) we drove up through the Oklahoma Panhandle, an area that has some pleasant memories for me, and on up into Western Kansas because we wanted to take a look at Dodge City, the temporary place of residence for so many legendary frontier lawmen (if such they can be called).

It was an interesting side trip (and I won’t even begin to get into our experience in abolitionist East Kansas) and while in Dodge City, we stopped in a small fast food restaurant for lunch after our sightseeing. Mind you, this was Dodge City, Kansas, not El Paso, Laredo, or Nogales. As we sat and ate lunch I listened to those around me talking. The one language I heard almost none of was English. Ninety percent of what I heard was Spanish, or the Mexican variation of it. We had run into similar situations in the Chicago suburbs, where you could go into one of the park district parks in some towns and you could hear just about every language except English being spoken. As we sat in the restaurant in Dodge City, the question entered my mind–is this even America anymore?

I used to write article for the old Sierra Times web site before it faded out seven or eight years ago. I was sorry to see it go because it was a site that tried to hit a lot of areas that needed discussion, and they had some good writers. At any rate, I did an article for Sierra Times noting our experience in Dodge City and questioning just where American culture had disappeared to because there seemed to be so little of it left among all the third world cultures that were busy taking over here. I got all kinds of email over that article, some from folks who had shared our experience and could identify with what I said. To be charitable, some of what I got could legitimately be labeled “hate mail.” I never forgot the one that wished me “a long, miserable life.” But I had touched a nerve. I had addressed the looming disintegration of real American culture and I wasn’t supposed to do that. It wasn’t politically (culturally Marxist) correct. My comments offended some of the radicals from Somalia or Ecuador or some other places that were turning up in my country and promoting their cultures at the expense of mine. I was just supposed to ignore that and say nothing. Just “be nice.” I wasn’t.

Since that experience in Dodge, I have taken note of the cultural trends in places we have traveled to. Understand, I don’t have a big problem with folks from other countries coming here legally and bringing their cultures with them–as long as they don’t try to bury mine. When we got to where they want to replace mine with theirs and I’m supposed to accept that–then we have a problem.

Since they come here from other places, there has to be a certain amount of assimilation–on their part–to what we have here. For them to refuse any assimilation and expect Americans to bow to their cultural norms, is patently ludicrous. Hopefully, most thinking Americans will not do it–and they shouldn’t. Fuzzy-headed liberals who are afraid of offending anyone except white Christians may do it and there will be the usual pressure from the media and certain “civil rights” groups to cave into these people and let them deep-six your culture, but most folks, hopefully, will not buy into that hogwash.

If some of these recently-arrived Muslim groups want Sharia Law, that’s great–let them go live in a country that already practices that. We don’t need it here, no matter how many gurus from Washington tell us it would be beneficial for us. Our laws, at least at one point, were based on the truth of Holy Scripture, and that’s as it should be.

I noticed just today, an article on the Western Journalism web site about a group of public school kids in the Denver area that had been taken on a “field trip” to visit a synagogue, a Greek Orthodox Church, and a mosque. the girls were all required to wear “Islam-compliant clothing” into the mosque. There are lots of problems with this. Why is a public school taking these kids to visit these places anyway? Religion is supposed to be anathema in public schools–or is it only Christianity that is? Why aren’t Christians complaining about this? And if Christians today really understood the cultural implications of their actions, would they even have their kids in public schools?

On our recent trip to Minnesota I noticed, in the suburbs around Minneapolis, a goodly number of Muslim people. They are on their way to becoming a sizable minority there. I have to wonder, if and when they get to comprise 20 percent of the population in that area, will there be demonstrations in favor of Sharia Law for them in the areas they live in, thereby setting up a situation whereby you have two groups living side by side in this country but being governed by different sets of laws? That’s a prescription for disaster if ever I saw it. And don’t think it can’t happen here. There are some ultra-liberal (socialist) judges in this country that would dearly love to preside over the judicial destruction of whatever Christian culture we might still have left. It’s what they live for.

There are Marxists in Washington and many of our state capitals that have agendas that call for the gradual dismemberment of America and replacing it with some form of Third World socialism. That effort has been going on for decades while Americans, particularly Christians, have slept–confident that the Lord would “rapture” them out of this mess here before it got really sticky so they wouldn’t have to stand up and DO anything about it. What if that doesn’t happen for them? What about the possibility that the Lord’s solution to all this is to make them go through what they so badly wanted to get away from–to make them learn to have to deal with it and to begin to put up some Christian resistance to evil? Heaven forbid that they even have to think about that!

And what about those thousands of illegal immigrants that have, in the past year, been swamping out Southern border–employing the basic Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the system to the point where it shuts down literally? The Border Patrol has been turned away from its duty of apprehending illegals and pressed into service as an illegal diaper-changing service. What effect does all this have on our culture?

Part 2:

The first part of this article contained some brief commentary about the Cloward/Piven strategy being used on our Southern border. For those who may not know just what that is, I refer you to an article I wrote for this blog spot on that, but which also may be found on for July 10, 2014.

Basically, the Cloward/Piven strategy is a Marxist program for various leftist groups to use to overwhelm the US system at various points around the country. It has been used to advance several leftist agendas. According to the book The Shadow Party by David Horowitz and Richard Poe: “Poor people can advance, Cloward later explained to the New York Times, only when ‘the rest of society is afraid of them.’ Rather than placating the poor with government handouts, activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system. The collapse of the welfare state would ignite a political and financial crisis that would shake the foundations of society. Poor people would rise in revolt. Only then would ‘the rest of society’ accept their demands…The strategy would be to overload the welfare system with a flood of new applicants and cause it to go bankrupt…The demands would break the budget and jam the bureaucratic gears into gridlock. The result would be ‘a profound financial and political crisis’ that would unleash ‘powerful forces…for major economic reform at the national level’.” Needless to say, a major part of this would be redistribution of the wealth, (Marxism).

If this socialist concept worked in regard to welfare, or voter registration, or other socialist projects, then the same principle could be applied to the situation on our Southern border–and it has been. Someone or some group has to make sure the word gets out that will draw enough people to the border that the influx will, basically shut down the system that deals with illegal immigrants. The situation has pretty much shut the Border Patrol down, in that it can no longer perform its intended function. Instead its main function now is to make sure all these illegals swarming across the border are made comfortable. If enough of them are continually made “comfortable” enough so that they end up staying, which is what our current regime desires, then that situation will work toward changing the culture of the Southwest, and eventually of the rest of the country. And that has been a major part of the One World Government agenda emanating from Washington for the past several administrations–be they Democrat or Republican. It’s a standard Cloward/Piven tactic. It works toward changing us into Amerika. And it’s not the only thing that does.

As I started the first article about all this off with my recollections of our trip to Dodge City, Kansas, in a similar vein, I have a friend who recently made a trip to New York City to visit with some of his family in that area. He used to live there. He noted, in a recent email to me: “Today the 5 boroughs of New York City could be easily identified as to who is living there simply by riding through them and looking at the foreign signage that appears above their store fronts…The former European community is nearly all gone, having been replaced with a variety of third world peoples (Koreans, Chinese, Russians, Central Americans, Middle Easterners and Indians” and he wasn’t referring to American Indians, who, after looking at what we’ve done to Manhattan, probably wouldn’t take it back if you paid them.

He noted that when Europeans originally came to New York there were no entitlement programs “…from which a Political Base/Party could advance using Socialize Mechanics as a means to a political/ideological end.” In other words, the Europeans, when they came, for the most part, although there were some exceptions, (the Forty-Eighters come to mind), didn’t come with ideological agendas in tow. They came for a better life for their families than what they could ever have in Europe, and they were willing to work for it. Now many of the Third World people come for the freebies our beneficent government hands out. The Europeans came to make their own way. There were no freebies. And so our culture is being changed from people who came to work and earn their way to people that come to take. That doesn’t mean that all the people from these countries are deadbeats, but enough are so that it’s a drag on the system. Now in California they are going to have drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens. How long will it be before we officially give them the vote–although with the big fuss some radical groups are making over people having to show ID before they vote, maybe we already are, unofficially. Pretty soon the only people who will have to show an ID to get to vote will be whites in the South. Everyone else will get an automatic pass because, after all, we wouldn’t want to “offend” them now, would we–whereas “offending” whites is already a major part of the game.

He also observed: “The English language newspapers were being replaced with foreign dailies and the multitude of various languages being spoken at the same time was as infuriating as it was loud and obnoxious.” Or, as one Iraqui said to the other in the cartoon awhile back “You’re in the United States now–speak Spanish!”

If any other race or culture besides white people were being beset by this planned campaign of cultural genocide in this country there would be massive riots, demonstrations, protests, sit-ins and whatever else was needed to call attention to the injustice. The “news” media would be up in arms and the political demagogues would be having a field day. But because it’s happening to white folks, it’s all beneath anyone’s notice–even most of the white folks! And we have all these warm-fuzzy liberal types pirouetting across our national stage and keening about “white privilege.” Folks, that’s all part of this campaign, and it’s one of the biggest buckets of hog slop that’s being peddled out there! Unfortunately, many naive whites, some of them Christians, have bought into this bucket of propaganda–up to their eyeballs!

There is a verse in Scripture which says “Insofar as is possible within you, live peaceably with all men.” That’s a sound admonition and many more people should practice it. But what do you do when the situation gets to where that might not be possible–when your adversaries have no interest at all in peace, except on their terms (convert or die) or “peaceful co-existence” or whatever their current terminology might be?

Ecclesiastes Chapter 3:7-8 says “(There is) A time to rend and a time to sew; a time to keep silent, and a time to speak; A time to love and a time to hate; a time of war and a time of peace.” The time to speak is long past–and we have kept silent when we should have spoken. And, while no sane person wants war, there also comes a time to defend your culture and the foundations for it, which are Christian foundations. And so the time of War may well be at hand, and it doesn’t have to be a war fought with guns. It may well be fought with the pen. If that be the case, then let us pray that the Christians have plenty of ink in their inkwells.

By Al Benson Jr.

How many have followed the news in recent months, noting the contemptuous comments by those in the Obama Regime regarding the average American? Those people look down their long, Marxist noses at us with utter contempt. They have no use whatever for us except to use us as the cash cow to fund their efforts to destroy our faith and culture. They use us to pay for our own destruction. And we are supposed to be too stupid to know what’s going on. Unfortunately, thanks to what has passed for education in this country in the last 100 years, they are often right. However, after the last six “transparent” years of thinly-disguised fascism/Marxism some people are finally beginning to wake up, much to the chagrin of our current ruling elite. After all, you can only spit in people’s faces for so long while telling them it is dew, before some of them wise up.

The recent run-off election here in Louisiana showed that some folks have wised up. Liberal (socialist) Landrieu was finally sent packing after six years as an Obama clone that should have shamed anyone but an outright Marxist. Now we have to watch the man that unseated her to make sure he does what he claims he will do, and let him know we will be watching him if he doesn’t.

Unfortunately, this political (and military) contempt at the national level for ordinary people is not something that is new. It has not only been around since FDR, which many naïve (and some otherwise) people tell us is when our national problems really started. Anyone who has read any of my recent articles pertaining to the Constitution and the weakness of the checks and balances system realizes that our problems began long before FDR—not that he didn’t mightily contribute to those problems—but he was not the originator.

This elitist attitude toward the ordinary man was especially prevalent during and after the War of Northern Aggression. In an article by Thomas DiLorenzo that appeared for December 4th Professor DiLorenzo noted the attitude of General William Tecumseh Sherman toward the civilian population of the South, and toward South Carolinians in particular.

Dr. DiLorenzo observed: “In a January 31, 1864 letter to Major R. M. Sawyer, Sherman explained the reason why he hated the South in general, and South Carolina in particular, so much. The war, he said, ‘was the result of a false political doctrine that any and every people have a right to self-government’.” Why how dare these insignificant South Carolinians think they had a right to self-government! Didn’t they realize that all they existed for was to serve the mighty federal Leviathan that reigned in Washington under “King Lincoln”? Why else would they even want to exist?

One of Sherman’s subordinate officers, a sterling individual named George W. Nichols, got a book published about his outstanding exploits in the War. He described South Carolinians as “the scum, the lower dregs of civilization” who are “not Americans; they are merely South Carolinians.” And General Carl Schurz noted that the average Yankee soldier looked at South Carolina as “deserving of special punishment.” Interpreted into real English that meant that the Yankee/Marxist military leadership from Sherman on down were willing to let their soldiers burn, rape, plunder and pillage in South Carolina while doing little to restrain them. After all, these South Carolina folks had to be taught a lesson—you don’t defy Yankee/Marxist authority and get away with it. With generals like Schurz on board you can bet that major appropriation of Southern property was near the top of the agenda. Comrade Schurz was one of the socialist generals Donnie Kennedy and I dealt with in our book Lincoln’s Marxists. . If you want to read more about Comrade Schurz that the history books will not inform you about, get our book. Schurz is dealt with in some detail and you will learn things about him the authors of the “history” books have seen fit to drop down the “memory hole.”

Sherman had no more use for the concept of self-government than those socialists and Marxists from Europe that were so much a part of Lincoln’s armies. In his book Citizen Sherman, Michael Fellman said of Sherman that: “His rejection of democracy and his semisecret reactionary faith in a military seizure of power deepened through the secession crisis and into the opening stages of his involvement in the Civil War.” In other words, this was Sherman’s attitude before the War even really started. Where do you suppose he got that from? Sherman’s thinking in this direction deepened as the War went on. After Vicksburg, he wrote to his brother, John that “A government resting immediately on the caprice of a people is too unstable to last… (A)ll must obey. Government, that is, the executive, having no discretion but to execute the law must be to that extent despotic.” The wishes or desires of the ordinary people made no difference. All must obey. Period! One wonders where the vaunted Constitution was during all this—in Lincoln’s bottom desk drawer maybe?

This was Sherman’s attitude toward ordinary folks—sheep to be shorn—as they bow the knee to an all-powerful secular messiah in Washington—be his name Lincoln or Obama. Unfortunately, too many Christians are willing to accept that, forgetting that there is only one King, King Jesus, and we are to bow the knee to Him, not to some tinpot dictator that wants to usurp Him and take His place.

As the new Congress files in to take its place in January, start keeping an eye on it and what it does, and if your Congressperson starts leaning to the left, let him/her know in no uncertain terms that you don’t like it—even if he/she does look down his/her nose at you for reminding them who they are supposed to be there to serve. Reminding them we already know what official Washington thinks of us would not be out of line.

 By: Joan Hough

All freedom lovers should thank God that there now exists in America an ever growing number of men and women whose superior intellectual abilities are no longer chained down by the indoctrinators who have been busily indoctrinating Americans for a century and a half.

 The indoctrinators (Socialist-Communist-inspired brain washers) assiduously continue to work their magic on the intellects of the American populace—giving especial attention at the University level to all students likely to have any significant amount of communication with the public.  As always, in the history lessons the idea of slavery and evil Southern Planters as the cause of America’s War of wars is embedded in the brains of the students.

  Such assiduous efforts in mind bending, are having an unexpected effect -- one of the highest activities of western mankind, History, as a profession, is dying on the vine.

 Following the abrupt and brutal end of Southern freedom and U.S. Constitutional government, New England Puritan-Republican lies totally covered the historical waterfront. Thereafter came the completely “liberal” biases into the field of history, followed more recently by military leftists’ near violent suppression of all “history-dissenter-professors.” Organized minority groups, probably with government encouragement, join in the fun.  Marxist created “Democracy” has oozed all over the form of our U.S. government that was designed as a “Republic.” 

According to the remarkable, professional “Truth” Historian, Dr. Clyde N. Wilson, “The prevailing ‘mainstream’ interpretations of American history today are interpretations that fifty years ago were current only in the Communist neighborhoods of the New York City boroughs.  Thus Communists’ Glorious” Multiculturalism and their “New World Order” is the latest mantra for Professional Historians and their controllers.  Americans, not updated on left-wing modern terminology, never imagined the real meaning of the jubilant exclamations of “The New World Order is HERE!” shouted during the first and only term of office by U.S. President “Poppy” Bush of the “Watch my lips, there will be no new taxes” reputation.

 In his Defending Dixie, Wilson tells us that Globalism [the stuff the New World Order promotes] is all-important to today’s Historians.  They continue the extension of our national History, which since 1865, has been nothing but a fake.  It is not the history of America, but the history of New England and of only New England.  It is a history written by the Winners of that mean, ugly and totally, barbaric, brutal War of Northern Aggression.

 New Englanders deliberately made American History New England’s exclusive property. They even went so far as to remake George Washington into a “farmer,” instead of a Southern planter. They used the absolute power gained by their Republican controlled U.S. Army over the Confederate nation as a stepping-stone to global control. They did this not only in history, but even in literature, wherein they promoted the dullest, most uninspired New Englanders’ works over those of absolutely brilliant, imaginative, gifted Southern writers.  In the doing, they caused American college students to become literature illiterates --to loathe literature and especially poetry. 

 The environment of academia today is such that most modern indoctrinators, themselves, are intellectual prisoners -- mere conduits passing on all that was passed to them, never bothering to verify it or to take even a peek at “the other side.”   Possibly in most instances their lack of knowing is because such is their choice and they have, in numerous fashions, been remunerated for it.

 Now, almost out of the blue, the historians in academia have begun attacking both the free thinkers--those in their own professions and the amateur outsiders as “revisionists.”   The non-professionals are viewed as amateurs daring to stick their noses into something not their business. The P. Historians have total disdain for the Truth Historians--even the most brilliant of historical researchers among them—the authors of books now receiving wide national acclaim.

  Never will one of the P. historians acknowledge the amazing gifts of authors such as Frank Conner, Al Benson, Walter Donald Kennedy, James Ronald Kennedy, Clint Johnson, Mary Deborah Petite, Walter Brian Cisco, James E. Stallings, Sr., H.W. Crocker III, and persons whose works appear only on Internet –such as the writers on the Georgia Heritage Council and the Southern Heritage News and Views Site and the present site.  Intense attacks are aimed at those scholars with Doctorates in fields other than history—people such as Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo and Dr. John Avery Emison.  Undoubtedly there are other True Historians who annoy the P. Historians.  Certainly all now sharing their knowledge via Internet qualify for P. historian’s disdain.

Should a professionals embrace the task of truth seeking, and express regard for the work of even a single so-called amateur, no matter how many books that professional has written, he is viewed by his colleagues as a history inferior, and turncoat. No grant money from a government agency or from any Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, or other non-profit, tax-free foundation will be coming his way. No honors will be given that professional traitor, not if his colleagues can prevent such.

 Despite all the slings and arrows of the Professionals, however, just as the South was blessed with most of West Point’s finest military men, our land is being blessed with an ever-increasing number of truth-seeking Americans who are super fine, honest, historical scholars.

The P. Historians (Professional Historians) are infuriated that more and more persons of superior intellectual ability are becoming dedicated, non-professional, “amateur” historians.  The Professionals see this as “the Invasion of the Interlopers. ” They take it quite personally, believing that the appearance on the historical scene of the “meddlers” has now reached career-threatening proportions. Fearing that the discoveries of the amateurs may climb to a “life threatening.” level, they react in the typical Saul Alinsky-prescribed manner -- they ridicule, they insult.  The difference in the interlopers’ values and their disagreement becomes for the P. Historians, not only a manifestation of evil, but the reason the invaders must be eliminated.

The Professionals force the idea on neutral bystanders that one must be educated only in history or one is incapable of comprehending history and interpreting it correctly.  They declare all revelations made by a history interloper whom they term a “revisionist,” must be ignored or the findings described as laughably ridiculous. They have convinced themselves, and would convince all others, that just as only one trained in brain surgery should cut on brains, only professional historians should speak of or write about history; John Q. Public must rely only on the P. historians for “true” history—and not just “any old” professional historian, but one that meets the approval of the P.  Historians’ elite, leftist clique.

 And what, you may ask, in history is such an enigma it can only be solved by Professionals?  Your question, of course, is rhetorical for you well know that history is nothing more than time gone by—it is nothing more than “the past,” some of which even we ordinary folks have actually lived through.  History then is something that persons possessing somewhat above “walking around sense” are likely to have some ability to evaluate if they seek and can find the records or other evidence. According to the Professionals, however, unless you are a “P. card carrying Historian, ” no matter what fine research skills you possess or how high is your verbal intelligence, how excellent is your memory, or how amazing is your ability in written language, you must neither speak of history, nor write of it—not even of the past which you have personally experienced.

If you are not one of the P. degreed Historians, according to them, you are, regardless of your level of formal education or the presence of superior intellectual ability, simply too dumb to deal “properly” with history.  Perhaps after you are long dead, they may decide that your memoirs or books or articles or essays are history—that is if they like what you have written, but if the content is politically incorrect—your words are destined to be figuratively or literally trashed, as have been those of countless long dead, extremely bright Confederates.

  One of America’s most gifted, most prolific and most talented of authors, a true member of the literati, had his work consigned to the ash heap simply because he was a Southerner who wrote what the New Englanders did not wish Americans to know.  His name is William Gilmore Sims.  Edgar Allan Poe declared that Simms’ fiction was evidence of genius—that had not Simms been a Southerner, all Americans would have acknowledged his genius. 

Truth Historian- expert  professional historian, Dr. Clyde N. Wilson reminds us of Sims and that there were numerous Southern writers who never received their just due of recognition, but had their work and themselves slandered because they were not New Englanders. Among these were Hawthorne, Poe, and Melville.  Some others received deserved praise, but only because the Europeans’ acclaimed them. 

 Rather than “Amateur Historians,” a possibly more apropos title for America’s new, industrious, truth seeking, non history professional- newcomers, is “the Truth Historians.”  Certainly there is nothing amateurish about their approach to their self-assigned jobs of finding that which for numerous devious reasons, been deliberately hidden from fellow Americans—facts that have been cunningly twisted or totally altered and washed into the brains of the naïve and gullible young and old Americans.

  Some people, of course, defining that word to mean “Revolutionaries,” may see the Truth Historians as iconoclasts. Thinking back to the past and the men and women involved in that first War of Secession, the Revolutionary War, against the all-powerful central government of Mother England, perhaps the label,

“ History Revolutionaries” is, indeed, the title most suitable for current Truth Historians.  They, most assuredly, are in revolt against the lying P. Historical Establishment, and would see the members of that bunch either recant their execration of the South as the national center of all evil or find themselves exposed as liars.

 The “Truth historians” are adept at researching.  They do know how to dig—in archives, in museums, in old manuscripts, in diaries, in books, and in libraries, including the Library of Congress. 

How puerile are the P. Historians to accuse the Truth Seeking Ones of revising history.  The Truth Historians, seeking truth, revise only historical lies—they expose them, they correct them, they counter them with absolute truth.  The “real” History Revisionists were those Creators of the term “Civil War” for a War that was never, by the then definition of the term, a “Civil War,” but an Invasion of the legally seceded South’s nation by the Republican Party controlled United States military.

The Revisionists were the New Party Republicans and the New Englander writers and historians who told and wrote fanciful historical lies based almost entirely on Marxist-Republican propaganda—much of it circulated right out of Lincoln’s Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton’s Office and bearing the stamp on it of Charles Dana, the clever Marxist journalist Lincoln chose as his Assistant Secretary of War.  (While Managing Editor of the New York Tribune, Dana, a good buddy of Karl Marx, had Horace Greeley hire the “father of Communism” as the Tribune’s foreign correspondent. During his ten years of employment by Greeley, Marx wrote over 200 Communist articles for northerners to read and absorb.  He even supported Lincoln for U.S. President and wrote him a glowing letter of congratulations after the election.

 Present day P. historians merely accept and repeat the Marxist propaganda, thus they are the leaders of the modern generation of Revisionists.  They revise historical truth.  It is not the so-called “interlopers” who are the Liars.  The “real” Revisionists are joined in their greed-fed folly by political opportunists who accept the Republican lies and by “bought” publicists, including television and theatrical personages, politicians on both political parties and their controllers.  

There can be no honest denial of the truth that the same elitists , the New World Order gang, controlling the two giant political parties propagate all the lies.    The New World Order gang includes the Rockefeller bunch, the George Bushy boys, the Clintonites, Saul Alinsky. Hillary and the Obamites and “the Unholy Foursome”-- the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the International Bankers. These billionaire elitists own the television networks, the newspapers and the Congress; they are deeply involved in the major tax-free foundations. Because of their bucks, their acquired power, and the taxpayers’ money, they have for many years successfully programmed young historians with lies. The tax free foundations, such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc. have conducted formal indoctrination classes for budding historians—converting them easily into well-programmed perpetrators of the “Hate the South and The New World Order is wonderful” propaganda.

  Contrary to all of the insulting depredations of the “Professionals,” the real Truth Historians bring into their work, their “book learning” and  the formal and informal experiences which have developed them to the degree that they can recognize truth when they find it.  They know how and where to search for truth and many of them have not only the expertise required to disseminate it, but true genius enabling their evaluation of it.  Some speak and/or write in a manner more comprehensible than that of most P. Historians.  Despite the highly organized enemies facing them, the Truth Historians somehow manage to share their discoveries with a public enthusiastically welcoming truth.  This is what most infuriates and threatens the professionals.  

 The new Truth History notables possess a strange and uncanny ability for historians-- they can actually think.  To attain this amazing and now rather rare American feat, the “Truth Notabilities” had to endanger their jobs, their careers, their professions, their societal positions, their friendships and even their familial relationships.  The did this in the process of hurling off gallons of Marxist Brainwash and peeling back the thick veneer of lies which has been for more than a century glued over all printed accounts of governmental activities in the United States and even preached from Christian pulpits.

  Truth-historians have virtually to leap over the hurdles set for them via public, government controlled educational institutions.   For some Truth Historians the “regaining of brain function operation” is still ongoing and remains painful. It is difficult because it requires the removing of rose-colored glasses and discovering that men once seen as glorious heroes are, at the best, mere humans with feet of clay and, at the worst, villainous, treasonous, greed-filled monsters. (Even the man who has been sold to generations of Americans as the nation’s greatest president is revealed as the monster he was.)

 Since 1865 the gluing of the veneer of lies has been the handiwork of clever 1848ers, their biological progeny, their political progeny, and their worshiping ideologues, including most P. historians.  Many of Americans richest elitists, operating sub rosa through their tax-free foundations, at the tax payers’ expense, and tax write offs for their own donations, have with dogged dedication to their New World Order, kept the lies ongoing.  They, as members of the New World Order gang, spread all that successful Communist propagandized ideology started in America in 1849.  They continue the work toward the goals Karl Marx manifested not only in his and Friedrich Engels' COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, but also in Marx's two hundred and more articles published by Greeley and Dana--some as none by-lined editorials.   Marx’s work appeared in America’s most widely circulated newspaper,
The New York Tribune” owned by Lincoln's good buddy Horace Greeley. (Lincoln. a newspaper reading addict, undoubtedly feasted on Marx’s words in the paper and in his Communist “Bible”—as is evident if one compares Lincoln’s actions with Marx’s “Ten Commandments.”

  It is not the Truth-Historians whose craniums are so empty that they failed to learn that the nation's non-English speaking/reading Germans bought, read, and swallowed whole the views of Lincoln and Marx expressed in the German language newspaper owned and published by Lincoln. and the one owned by Greeley.  It is not Truth- Historians who are unaware that Abe Lincoln was the first President to institute in America the Marxist plan of Progressive Income Tax. For 85 years before him, America prospered.  It is not the Truth-Historians who failed to understand that it took Abe Lincoln and his Marxist-Republican party to destroy the States’ Rights foundation of the U.S. government and thus to begin the Marxist task of turning a Constitutionally- based Republic into a Communist wanted Democracy.

Present day Professional Historians, their sycophants, their naive followers, and elected politicians in both Parties ignore the non-Constitutionality of the Income Tax and various other shredding jobs on the Constitution and approve of Communism, but more and more voters are beginning to see straight through the Communist propaganda and the lies of the Victors of the War of Northern Aggression.

 Who tells us that it was the Marxist corrupt plan of government control of education that was first, instituted in the South during Reconstruction and then spread throughout the north?  Who tells us that the Central bank (the so-called Federal Bank) was a Marxist plan?  Who tells us that stirring racial hate was a part of the Marxist plan, or that removing U.S. Senators from the control of their states was a well-aimed Communist shot that hit the very heart of our Republic form of government?  Who tells us that progressive Income tax again put into the Constitution in 1913 for all of America to suffer under, was another Marxist plan?  Who dares tell us that the Amendments to the Constitution made during the late 1900s were illegal, according to the Constitution, itself?   One should not attempt to hold his breath unit this is done by a Supreme Court Justice or a pocket-jingling politician of either Party

  Who tells Americans that the Union’s robbing and redistribution of the South’s homes, land, forests and wealth and the elimination of the effect of Southern wisdom on the nation was a Marxist plan?  Who tells us the truth about the Marxist plan to erase the family unit, to have “the village” become responsible for the children, to eliminate marriage because it is the glue that creates real civilization and engenders the desire to obtain and hold private property and pass it on to heirs—something Marxism loathes as Marxists loathed all Southern land and/or home owners? Do not expect to hear this from a “lady Politician” who declares “the Village should raise our children” of from the journalists and the Politians (in both Parties) who have praised her zeal and supposed intellectual brilliance.

The noble P. Historians’ mouths are shut and pens are stilled when it comes to reporting truth.   

 Who teaches that the Uncivil War of Northern Aggression and the Republican Party that kick-started it were both the work of Marxists aided by a few crazed New Englanders and by new immigrants who had never read the U.S. Constitution because it was not written in German?  You did not learn this from the P. historians and all they have brainwashed with their invented revision of historical truth. Only the Truth Historians dare tell that truth.

I say, HURRAH for Truth Tellers.--the honest Historians who, base all they write on facts discovered by their independent studies and by those of their fellow truth-seekers.  Each time these people share those newly discovered truths they prove that the Bachelor of Arts in History, the Master of Arts in History, the Doctor of Philosophy in History or the degrees in Education now serving as Union Cards for Historians, instead of being the prerequisites for acquiring knowledge of historical truth, actually deter the finding of it. The Professional Historians educational process does this by loading the would-be historians' brains down with a fluid comprised of hate-filled propaganda loaded with distorted truths and outright lies.

 Let the snide, mutual back-scratching Professionals profess their academic superiority, as they so desire.  Let them continue to give each other financial rewards and continue slathering each other with deceptive accolades. They fool only themselves. All believers in freedom have begun to recognize that the men and women in academia have hearkened so much to each other for generations that they are either "mind-boggled "or deliberately lying when they prattle what they prattle and teach what they teach.

 Today’s “P. Historians,” no matter their ages, with few exceptions, are seen as: Perambulating, Petulant Pedantic s.” Fussy, and finicky, they are compelled to defend all that they have been taught. They dare not let any newly revealed truths gain any credence in the minds of their students -- to do so would be to admit that they have actually BEEN WRONG! This cannot be! They should all be ashamed to look at themselves in their mirrors!

The Professional Historians (with few exceptions) are the real revisionists.  Because their profession’s revision of truth began so far back in time, most of them neither know the truth nor care about it. They are committed to passing on to the next generation a flame and they are either unaware, or it matters not, that the flame was lit by persons obsessed with Communist Revised History concerning the War of Northern Aggression.  The flame spits smoke over the truth about the War of Northern Aggression.  It hides the real reason the U.S. has been constantly at war.  It makes it difficult to see that the States came together NOT as a Democracy but as a “Republic.”

 The flame’s actions make it easy for the enemies of the Republic to force upon America’s young that it is the duty of the young to genuflect to their “Mother U.S and the new Global Government,” to financially support the nations of the world, to police all nations, to spread “democracy” throughout the globe—even if they must die to do it.

 With all of this, the New World Order gang continues selling their lies that Communism has never stuck a foot into and never had enormous input into the laws passed by the U.S. government. McCarthy, so they say, was wrong.  FDR, Carter, LBJ, Lincoln, the Bush presidents, and Obama were all right—the Communists—those New World Order folks are the ones we should all kneel down before. 

The P. Historians must force upon impressionable students the absolute lie that not only was the so-called “Civil War” fought to free the slaves but that all Southerners knew this for a fact, back then---even the little Southern children. That Yankee elites did not finance the mass Murderer John Brown in order to inform the South that even if it remained in the Union Southerners would be killed?  The War had to happen because the Marxist-Republican needed it in order to redistribute the South’s wealth!

 The madly publishing P. Historians must enforce their lie that Southerner Planters were decadent, cruel, slave beating, slave raping, fornicating monsters—that the Planters ugly wives were prone to torture winsome, nubile, black female slaves, probably out of jealousy, or because the slave had nibbled on a bit of swiped from the candy jar, candy—that all mixed race folks were sired by those nasty Southern Planters.  The P. Historians proof of any of this is nothing more than the lies of a fellow member in the “Hate the South” club.

 Some historians even quote Harriet Beecher Stowe as an Anti-Confederate authority.  Stowe, the imaginative novelist of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, is considered an Expert on the South  although the woman finally admitted that she had simply “dreamed” the contents of her book and had never set one little tootsie in the South until Reconstruction enabled her to buy for pennies some destitute Confederate’s plantation. One, maybe more, of her madly preaching, against the South, Beecher brothers escaped from serving in the war the Beechers so favored, by hiding out part time across the ocean and then in New England where rich fathers hired soldier replacements for their sons and themselves—something never done in the South.

 And of course the P. Historians will not bother to mention that the north, even New York City, had its share of black slaves, as did all of the New England states.  Never will you hear the wily liars tell that not a single black or white slave was ever brought to American by a ship flying a Confederate flag because the Confederate Constitution forbade slave importation. The north’s Constitution did not and that was not changed even when the Republicans had told power in 1861. The take over of the U.S. government by the Republicans did not include banning slave trade—something they could have done easily.   New England-er slave traders even sold slaves and delivered them to other nations long after the end of their War supposedly to end slavery.

  Never will you hear the clique of P. historians explain that if Americans are determined to do flag hating, blacks and University professors should zero in on the U.S. stars and stripes and not the flag with St. Andrew’s Cross for only the U.S. flag ever flew over ships filled with captured slaves of any color.   P Historians will never tell that the second Republican president of the United States, Grant, did not release his own slaves until long after his Republican’s War.

  The Republican Party leaders’ lips or pens will never utter the truth that their War was no War Between the States, but a War Between Nations---started by the very long planned, unconstitutional, criminal mechanisms of Marxist-Radicals who originated the Republican Party.  Only the Truth-Historians report this fact.   Nobody seems to remember that when certain Southerners opted to refer to the War as “The War Between the States” they did so merely because it would make the Winners angry for the South to be referred to as the legally seceded nation it was and the War as what it really was—a move for monsters to eradicate the U.S. Constitution and the major element with a history of creating and supporting it.

How unfair it is that the crimes of the villainous Abe Lincoln, his Marxists, his military, and the United States government go untold, uncompensated for, and the victims’ families never receive any apologies, but consistently hear their loved ones declared villains guilty of treason.

 How unfair it is that citizens of the north who knew the truth about the actions of the Republican Party were kept from voting at the precincts both times Lincoln ran for the presidency, had their personal property destroyed,  and were, by Lincoln, sent to prison without trial. How wrong it is that a Dictator and his supposedly American Republicans unjustly and unconstitutionally punished thousands of northern citizens who knew and understood the U.S. Constitution, the true history of the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. And they knew that the Southern states had the right to secede—that any state had that right. They even remembered at least two separate occasions when even the New England states had planned to secede and almost did it.  How true it is that the Republicans were criminals!

Hurrah for the Truth-Historians!  They shout the truth-- the South was right.  The Yankee War, as the Marxists required, was the pre-requisite for the Marxist-Republican’s take over of the nation and the replacement of the the U.S. Republic with a Democracy until global control and their New World Order of Communism could become a reality.  Who, in 1865 could even dream that the year 2013 would see the Marxist goals approach ultimate fulfillment.

By: Thomas DiLorenzo

Thomas J. DiLorenzo is professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and the author of The Real Lincoln; ;Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed To Know about Dishonest AbeHow Capitalism Saved AmericaHamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Archenemy Betrayed the American Revolution – And What It Means for America Today. His latest book is Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government.Professor DiLorenzo is a friend of The Confederate Society.

“[F]rom the military policies of Sherman and Sheridan there lies but an easy step to the total war of the Nazis, the greatest affront to Western civilization since its founding.”

                   –Richard M. Weaver, The Southern Essays of Richard M.

                      Weaver, pp. 168-169. 

Having lied about secession, states’ rights, the origins of the Constitution, Lincoln, and just about everything having to do with the American “Civil War” for many generations, the Lincoln cult is now hard at work on its biggest lie of all: that General William Tecumseh Sherman’s famous “march to the sea” did not negatively affect Southern civilians or their property.

In a November 14 New York Times article one Alan Blinder wrote of “an expanding body of more forgiving scholarship about the general’s behavior.”  In its ten thousandth attempt (at least) to mentally “reconstruct” Southerners, the government-funded Georgia Historical Society, in cahoots with the Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum, recently paced a marker in Atlanta “near the picnic tables at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum” that is supposedly “a reassessment of Sherman” that has been “decades in the making” by the Lincoln cult.

Sherman was not “gratuitously destructive,” says the marker.  He only targeted “military infrastructure.”  Of course, in reality Sherman considered every Southern person, every acre of Southern land, every house, every barn, every blade of grass, every farm animal, and even every family pet as part of the Confederacy’s “military infrastructure.”  Honest historians have documented this in spades for the past 150 years.   It is also documented beyond all doubt by the U.S. government’s own Official Records of the war.

Nevertheless, the Lincoln cultists now dismiss the extraordinarily well-documented history of Sherman’s army’s pillaging, plundering, raping, and murdering of Southern civilians as “fables” and mere “family accounts of cruelty.”  One source of such talk is John F. Marszalek, the executive director of the “Mississippi-based Ulysses S. Grant Association.”  (A Grant museum in Mississippi is not unlike having a pro-Hitler Museum in Auschwitz, Poland).  “The facts are coming out,” Marszalek ludicrously proclaimed to the Times.  Sherman’s behavior “hastened . . . the reunification of the union,” the marker at the Jimmy Carter shrine absurdly announces.  Yes, just as the German blitzkrieg “united” Germany with Poland and France during World War II, or how Soviet tanks “united” Eastern and Central Europe during the Cold War.

It is child’s play to prove what a pack of liars this new generation of Holocaust deniers are.  It does require a little effort, however, which is probably what the Deniers are depending on when they spread their lies in places like the picnic area at the Jimmy Carter shrine.  For example, consider just a few of the facts taken from the U.S. War Department publication,War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, as discussed in Walter Brian Cisco’s outstanding work of scholarship, War Crimes Against Southern Civilians

From the Official Records, a Colonel Adin Underwood of Massachusetts described Sherman’s gratuitous bombing and burning of Atlanta after the Confederate Army had left the city as having burned to the ground “37 percent of the city” according to Sherman’s military engineers.  This included many private homes and even churches.

An Ohio infantryman is quoted as describing “an ocean of fire” all throughout Atlanta.  Eventually, at least “two-thirds of Atlanta lay in ashes” according to the Official Records.  A Major Nichols was told that “the holocaust devoured no fewer than five thousand buildings.”

When Sherman’s chief military engineer, Captain O.M Poe, voiced dismay over seeing so many corpses of women and children in the streets of Atlanta, and informed Sherman that the day-and-night bombardment of the city was of no military significance, Sherman coldly called the corpses “a beautiful sight” that would quicken the ending of the war (Michael Fellman, Citizen Sherman, p. 184).    There were approximately 4,000 private homes in Atlanta before Sherman’s bombing, with only around 400 left standing.

Sherman left a paper trail that was obviously intended to cover his murderous tracks, but at times he issued direct orders to murder civilians.  Bothered by his inability to apprehend Confederate snipers who had been shooting at his railroad trains, he sent the following order to a General Louis D. Watkins:  “Cannot you send over about Fairmount and Adairsville, burn ten or twelve houses of known secessionists, kill a few at random, and let them know it will be repeated every time a train is fired on . . ?” (John Walters, Merchant of Terror: General Sherman and Total War, p. 137).   In order to carry out such war crimes, Sherman biographer Lee Kennett writes of how “the New York regiments were . . . filled with big city criminals and foreigners fresh from the jails of the Old World.”  It took a special kind of “soldier” to carry out Sherman’s war crimes.  (Lee Kennett, Marching Through Georgia, p. 279).

The Official Records also record how federal soldiers extorted money from Southern civilians by demanding “insurance” payments to avoid having their homes ransacked and burned down.  A Major James Austin Connolly is quoted in the following way in response to reports that Southerners were hiding their valuables from thieving U.S. Army soldiers:

“Let them do it if they dare.  We’ll burn every house, barn, church, and everything else we come to; we’ll leave their families homeless without food; their towns will all be destroyed and nothing but the most complete desolation will be found in our track. “

The Official Records also write of how Northern reporters associated with Republican Party newspapers often accompanied Sherman’s “bummers” as they were called, and then entertained the folks up North with tales of their raping, pillaging, plundering, burning, and murdering.  One Northern reporter is quoted s saying of Sherman’s rampaging looters:

“If the spoil were ample, the depradators were satisfied, and went off in peace; if not, everything was destroyed . . . .  Hogs were bayoneted to bleed; chickens, geese, and turkeys knocked over and hung in garlands . . . cows and calves . . . are shot . . . .  the furniture [of private homes] is smashed to pieces, music is pounded out of . . . pianos with the ends of muskets.”

Another federal soldier is quoted as saying “I rather feel sorry for some of the women who cried and begged so piteously for the soldiers to leave them a little,” but nevertheless, “extermination [of the civilian population] is our only means now.”

When Sherman reached Hardeeville, South Carolina, one of his bummers is quoted in the Official Records as saying that “In a few hours a town of half century’s growth is thus leveled to the ground.”  This even included a church where “First the pulpit and the seats were torn out . . . .  Many axes were at work.”  This is undoubtedly an example of what the Lincoln cult means when they refer to “military infrastructure.”

One of Sherman’s degradations was known as his “war on dogs.”  A U.S. Army Colonel is quoted in the Official Records as saying, “We were determined that no dogs should escape . . . we exterminate all.  The dogs were easily killed.  All we had to do was to bayonet them.”

By the time Sherman was done with South Carolina, one of his officers boasted in the Official Records that “We have . . . burnt one city, the capital, and most of the villages on our route as well as most barns, outbuildings and dwelling houses, and every house that escaped fire has been pillaged.”  This was no “family myth,” as the Lincoln cult shamelessly claims, but the words of a senior officer in Sherman’s army.

Sherman’s “march to the sea” was nothing new: he had been waging total war on the civilian population of the South for years.  In 1862 he ordered the complete destruction through fire of the town of Randolph, Tennessee, near Memphis.  Around that time, Sherman wrote a letter to his wife saying that “extermination, not of soldiers alone, that is the least part of the trouble, but the people” in general, was his intention.  (Cited in John Walters, Merchant of Terror, p. 61).

In 1863 Sherman ordered the systematic bombardment of Jackson, Mississippi every five minutes, day and night.  The city was sacked, looted, and destroyed, after which Sherman boasted in a letter to Grant that “the [civilian] inhabitants are subjugated.  They cry aloud for mercy. The land is devastated for 30 miles around.” (Cited in Walters,Merchant of Terror, p. 101).    He also boasted of the complete destruction of Meridian, Mississippi:  “For five days, ten thousand of our men worked hard and with a will, in that work of destruction, with axes, sledges, crowbars, clawbars, and with fire, and I have no hesitation in pronouncing the work well done.  Meridian . . . no longer exists.”  (Walters, Merchant of Terror, p. 116).  This, too, took place after the Confederate Army was long gone from the area.

James McPherson estimated that some 50,000 Southern civilians perished during the War to Prevent Southern Independence, but the true figure is probably much higher.  Sherman himself boasted of how his “bummers” destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of private property and walked off with hundreds of millions of dollars more.  There are thousands of pictures of the burned out Southern landscape in the wake of Sherman’s “march” in addition to all the Official Records that record his war crimes.

But of course in war, the victors are never prosecuted.  This probably explains why Sherman – and all the other Union Army top command, including Lincoln himself, became more and more murderous when it came to Southern civilians in the latter years of the war.  They all understood that if the South was victorious, it would have been well within its rights to hang all of them as war criminals.

In the past, before the Lincoln cult commenced its current campaign to whitewash Sherman’s reputation, some cultists admitted this.  Sherman biographer Lee Kennett wrote that “had the Confederates somehow won, had their victory put them in position to bring their chief opponents before some sort of tribunal, they would have found themselves justified . . . in stringing up President Lincoln and the entire Union high command for violation of the laws of war, specifically for waging war against noncombatants.” (Lee Kennett, Marching Through Georgia, p. 286).  This proves that the Lincoln cultists know these facts but are once again doing everything they can to confuse and misinform the American public about their own country’s history.  As such, it is not an exaggeration to label them as the new generation of holocaust deniers.

by Al Benson Jr.

There are many who view, with continuing alarm, the blatant and relentless attacks on Confederate and Southern history, heritage and symbols. They can’t seem to fathom why this or that group seems to hate Confederate flags, symbols, and heritage so much. They are not “racists” or hate-mongers. All they want is to be able to enjoy their culture and history and they cant figure out why some groups are so opposed to letting them do that.

They fail to recognize that there is a coordinated rationale behind all these attacks on the South. It is not just a random “liberal” group here or there that happens to not approve of Confederate symbols locally–in fact there is nothing random about any of it. It is all part and parcel of what we know as Marxist Critical Theory.

It is a major part of what we refer to as Cultural Marxism–and a major part of the Cultural Marxist agenda is the planned cultural destruction of anything even remotely perceived as Christian, Confederate, or Southern.

An article I recently read on dealt with this. It noted that Political Correctness, also a major part of Cultural Marxism, is not something to be taken lightly. Many folks sniff at it and regard it as a minor annoyance. It is much more serious and insidious than that. The article observed that: “…Political Correctness is deadly serious in its aims, seeking to impose a uniformity of thought and behavior on all Americans. It is therefore totalitarian in nature. It’s roots lie in a version of Marxism, which sees culture, rather than the economy, as the site of class struggle.” These folks have taken Marxism to a new level and we need to be aware of that.

The article noted that Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci and Hungarian Marxist Georg Lukacs were the two that contributed most significantly to Cultural Marxism. Gramsci believed that a “new Communist man” had to be created and it had to be done via a changed culture, and only then would real political revolution be possible. And Lukacs felt that for this new culture to emerge, the old culture had to be destroyed. He said: “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch…Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.” Do you realize that the “old culture” they are working and planning to annihilate is ours? Maybe we should stop and reflect on that for a moment. Many Christians in America will shake their heads and say “well, that will never happen here.” I’m sure there were people in Germany and Russia before Hitler and Stalin who thought the same thing. In this country we now have Obama. You think he’s not tirelessly working to change the culture–to tear down what we have had in the past and to replace it with “Gay marriage, more illegal immigrants, the replacement of the rule of law with the concept of rule by Executive Decree? Mr. Obama is the living personification of Marxist “Critical Theory” in action.

The Discover the Networks article stated, quite plainly, that: “Critical Theory was essentially destructive criticism of the main elements of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, the family…morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism,…Critical Theorists recognized that traditional beliefs and existing social structure would have to be destroyed and then replaced with a ‘new thinking’ that would become as much a part of the elementary consciousness as the old one had been.” Ever wonder why “your” public schools do what they do regarding your culture? Look no further than “Critical Theory.”

Stop and analyze what has just been said in the first installment in light of your Confederate and Southern history, in light of your Southern culture, in light of the Christian faith most of us embrace, which truly recognizes the eternal truth that Jesus Christ IS the way, the truth, and the life, and that no man or woman gets to God the Father except through Him. All of this represents the “old” thinking and so it has to be done away with–and the Marxist Critical Theorists are working overtime at that, while most Christians slumber on–totally unaware.

Those people realize, and have for generations now, that you can’t do all this in one fell swoop–that shocks too many people. And so they work on it gradually–the classic Fabian approach–a street name changed in this town, or several street names, or a Confederate soldier’s statue removed from the town square because it supposedly represents “racism” or a Confederate monument desecrated, as was done awhile back in Selma, Alabama, with a concerted effort being made to ensure the monument would not be rebuilt. In this particular case in Selma, it didn’t work, thanks be to God, and a group of people there fought back against the (local) Marxists that were trying to destroy their culture. They went to court with solid evidence on their side and they won. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way.

The end result, if people are unaware and allow this brand of Marxism to proceed, is that, eventually, every vestige of your old Christian and Southern culture will be totally removed from the town you live in. You can see the not-so-subtle beginnings of this now in Kennesaw, Georgia if you follow the news on the Internet.

If this is unresisted, your kids will walk down Malcolm X Boulevard or W.E.B. DuBois Avenue on their way to Karl Marx Middle School–if you are still naive enough to believe your kids can really get an education in these institutions we charitably refer to as public schools. Actually, what they really are is government schools. Any sign of your old real history and heritage will be gradually and totally removed and the “history” your kids will imbibe in their “social studies” classes at Karl Marx Middle School will carefully omit any mention of anything Christian or Confederate or Southern–except for the slavery issue. And this will be summarily dragged out from time to time to make sure you remain on your “stool of everlasting repentance.” “Teaching moments” in these schools will make sure your kids are ashamed of their “white privilege.” The slavery issue, like the public school, is one of the most sacred of sacred cows, and the Critical Theorists can use it most forcefully in the destruction of your Christian culture if you don’t learn the truth and resist.

And if you still think this is all just spontaneous and unrelated events from place to place, having no connection with anything else that is going on, then I have a bridge in Tucson, Arizona that reaches all the way across the desert to Phoenix–all made with gold bricks, that I’d love to sell you at bargain basement rates.

This is all Marxist Critical Theory, in living color, and its intent has always been, as now, the total destruction of our faith and culture. It is not happening by accident. It might be an interesting exercise sometime to check out various cities where such hooliganism is going on and notice the various “civil rights” groups involved in different places. How many Southern towns have these problems where the NAACP is “called in” or how many towns are threatened by the possible presence of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference or by an appearance by Rev. Je$$e Jackson or “Rev” Al Sharpton? Folks, most of this stuff is orchestrated and done in such a way as to intimidate any potential opposition. And of course the prostitute press we foolishly continue to refer to as the “news” media plays right along with it. That’s what they’re paid for. These are the same people who refuse to see any problems with Comrade Obama’s “birth certificate” or his social security number from a state he never lived in. The favorite mantra of the “news” media is “nothing to see here, folks, just move along,” unless it happens to be a story about ‘white privilege’ and then it’s dealt with ad nauseam.

If we are going to protect our faith and our culture we have got to start to realize who our real enemies are–and it ain’t just some of the local black folks, who have been fed the same hogwash we have–most of them are pawns in the game, cannon fodder for the Marxists, who, in truth, care no more about black people than Lincoln did. The Marxists behind the people in the streets are some of those we need to start checking out and exposing, and then we need to start checking out the people behind them, because there are people behind them–the ones that pay for all the planned mayhem and culture destruction. We need to start checking out and exposing their political connections and what groups they belong to.

There are some organizations that try to do this, to their credit, but Southern Christians as a whole need to start educating themselves as to who these Marxists and their puppet masters are and what their real intent is. Helping local blacks that have, in some instances, been discriminated against has nothing to do with their real agenda. That’s all a convenient cover for their real program for the total destruction of Christian culture and Confederate heritage in the South–and once they have that accomplished here, then they will play the same game in other areas of the country. And it might be easier for them in other areas which have less Christian influence than there is in the South. We are somewhat of a stumbling block to those people. Once they shut us down it will get easier for them, so they hope.

Never forget–their primary aim is to destroy Christian culture and faith in America. We need to start realizing what their game is and, as the Lord enables, we need to expose and oppose what they do. “Contending for the faith once delivered to the saints” is still vitally important in our day.

Recently I read an informative article on the Accuracy in Academia web site, written by William Lind back in February of 2000. It was entitled The Origins of Political Correctness. For anyone wanting more background on Political Correctness and its originators it would be worth checking out.

Editor Note: The title of this essay by Pastor Baldwin can also have been the Washington Kabuki two-step. Both parties are wings of the same bird. 

By Chuck Baldwin
December 11, 2014

The hit song by Sonny and Cher is an apt description of what happens in Washington, D.C. I’m referring to their Top 10 hit song, “The Beat Goes On.” No matter which party controls Congress, the beat goes on. No matter which party’s candidate is elected President, the beat goes on. Rhetoric and campaign promises notwithstanding, the beat goes on.

Here is how the “Potomac Shuffle” is played: Democrats openly and boldly promote Big Government. Oh, it’s masked under the rubric of “compassion,” of course. But there is little doubt that the modern Democrat Party is known far and wide as the party of Big Government. And when they are elected, they keep their word and implement big-government policies.

At some point, the American people awaken to the draconian nature of the big-government policies implemented by Democrats and demand a return to smaller government. The Republican Party is there to answer the bell. They postulate “conservative” ideals and loudly proclaim themselves to be the champions of smaller government and individual liberty. The message of smaller government resonates with voters and Republicans are swept to large victories in national elections. However, instead of reversing the big-government policies that had been passed by Democrats, the newly-ensconced GOP leadership actually SOLIDIFIES those policies. And, as they say, the beat goes on.

The basic difference between the two major parties in Washington, D.C., is that the Democrats tell the truth about promoting Big Government, while Republicans lie about promoting smaller government and then turn around and join Democrats in promoting Big Government. Both parties in Washington, D.C., are the parties of Big Government. Another distinction between the two parties is that Democrats want to tax-and-spend, while Republicans want to borrow-and-spend. But both parties are staunch supporters of massive federal spending.

Both major parties are also twin sisters when it comes to fighting perennial foreign wars abroad and supporting the creation of a Police State at home. Oh, the Democrats love to whine about police abuse any time an apparent (whether real or fabricated) injustice is committed within the black community by a white police officer (never the other way around). But, in truth, Democrats are as eager to impose more and more limitations on individual liberties (including those within the black community) as are Republicans.

And Republicans will get on their soap boxes and talk loquaciously about more freedom and smaller government. They will send out a barrage of fund-raising letters to the constituents back home about reining in “big-government Democrats.” Their leadership might even allow an occasional vote to be held where Republican lawmakers can make a symbolic--albeit meaningless--vote against a specific big-government policy, all the while knowing that such a bill is destined to fail in the other chamber or be completely diluted of its original language in subsequent conference committees. And, once again, the beat goes on.

We are witnessing this redundant fraud take place once again. The American people, fed up with the big-government machinations of Barack Obama, swept Republicans into the majority in both houses of the U.S. Congress. In fact, Obama now holds the unenviable distinction of having lost more of his own party’s congressional seats in a mid-term election than any President in history.

And there is no question that the reason voters put Republicans in charge of Congress was due to their outrage against two of Obama’s pet policies: Obamacare and amnesty. And of the two, amnesty was the straw that broke the back of the Democrats’ dominance in D.C. As for Obamacare, forget it! It’s settled. Republicans will spend no capital trying to reverse it. And most Americans (even Republicans) know this is the case. However, amnesty is another issue altogether.

The American people are fed up with what the deluge of illegal immigration is doing to their country--as well as their communities. And they sent Republicans to Capitol Hill to do something about it. But instead of doing anything to reverse Obama’s executive amnesty, House Speaker John Boehner and his fellow elitists in the GOP are going to SOLIDIFY an amnesty deal. And the beat goes on.

Let me provide readers with just a few samples of how pro-amnesty Republicans like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are betraying their constituents in working to solidify amnesty for illegal aliens.

*The recent vote by House Republicans that was sold to House members as a vote that would block Obama’s amnesty was actually a vote that STRENGTHENED the amnesty order. In other words, House Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Majority Whip Steve Scalise deliberately TRICKED their fellow Republicans. The bill they passed will significantly strengthen Obama’s amnesty order.

See the report: Exclusive: House GOP Leaders Trick 216 House Republicans Into Accidentally Supporting Obama’s Executive Amnesty

*The GOP 2015 “omnibus” spending bill includes nearly $1 billion in funding for illegals that are being granted amnesty.

According to a published report, “The GOP’s draft 2015 ‘omnibus’ spending bill reportedly includes $948 million to help poor and unskilled Central American migrants establish themselves in the United States, but includes no effective restrictions on President Barack Obama’s plan to provide work permits and tax payments to millions of resident illegal immigrants.”

The report continued, saying, “Much of the $948 million may also be used to care for the next wave of illegals who could flood across the border during the summer. The influx in the summer of 2015 is expected to be large, because Obama is offering work permits and social security numbers to at least five million illegals already in the country.

“The $948 million fund is part of the one-year, $1 trillion 2015 spending plan described in a late-night report from The New York Times.”

Also see this report: Pride Goeth: Boehner Begs Hoyer For Dem Votes To Fund Obama Amnesty

*GOP Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) revealed that the Republican leadership intends to push an amnesty bill in next year’s congressional session that would subject only the “most dangerous illegal immigrant criminals” to deportation.

According to, “One of the top House Republican leaders, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), revealed this week that GOP leaders intend to push an amnesty bill in the next Congress that would subject only the most dangerous illegal immigrant criminals to deportation so that ‘not one person’ who is in the country illegally and has not committed a violent crime is ‘thrown out.’”

The report continued, “Sessions said, ‘We intend to push a bill that would operate under the activity of trying to do under rule of law... But that, even in our wildest dream, would not be to remove any person that might be here unless they were dangerous to this country and committed a crime...that was never even in a plan that I thought about.’”

Sessions went on to condemn Obama’s executive amnesty (just like Boehner does), but not because he, or the GOP leadership, is opposed to amnesty, but because they (GOP leaders) want to enact LEGISLATIVE amnesty.

See the report: Congressman Reveals GOP Leaders To Push Amnesty For All But Violent Criminals

The preoccupation and fascination with the two major parties is killing America. Neither party in Washington, D.C., has the liberties and wellbeing of the American people in mind. NOT THE LEAST LITTLE BIT! At the leadership level, both parties are controlled by the same establishment elitists who are working to enrich themselves on the backs of the American people and the Bill of Rights.

Republican toadies love to talk about “compromise.” But it’s not compromise; it’s CONSPIRACY. For the most part, the leadership of both parties is nothing more than the worst kind of sycophants.

As long as the American electorate is stuck in this Republican vs. Democrat, “liberal” vs. “conservative,” and “right” vs. “left” illusion, nothing will change in this country. The American people are being played by D.C.’s “game makers” the way Katniss and Peeta are played by the Capital’s “game makers” in “The Hunger Games” movies.

After two years of capitulation, Republicans will pout, “We couldn’t get anything done, because we didn’t have the White House. Elect a Republican President in 2016, and we will get things done.” It’s the old “Potomac Shuffle,” folks. And the beat goes on.

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© 2014 Chuck Baldwin - All Rights Reserved

By Thomas DiLorenzo
December 4, 2014

Reprinted from with permission from Dr. DiLorenzo, a friend of the Confederate Society. 

November and December of this year mark the 150th anniversary of General William Tecumseh Sherman’s famous “march to the sea” at the end of the War to Prevent Southern Independence.  The Lincoln cult – especially its hyper-warmongering neocon branch – has been holding conferences, celebrations, and commemorations while continuing to rewrite history to suit its statist biases.  Business as usual, in other words.  But they are not the only ones writing about the event.  Historian Karen Stokes has published South Carolina Civilians in Sherman’s Path: Stories of Courage Amid Civil War Destruction that contains a great deal of very telling information about Sherman’s motivation in waging total war on the civilianpopulation of South Carolina.

Stokes begins by quoting a letter that Sherman wrote to General Henry Halleck shortly before invading all-but-defenseless South Carolina:  “[T]he whole army is burning with an insatiable desire to wreak vengeance upon South Carolina.”  In another message a few weeks later, Sherman reiterated to Halleck that “The whole army is crazy to be turned loose in [South] Carolina.”

A New York newspaperman who was “embedded” with Sherman’s army (to use a contemporary term) wrote that “There can be no denial of the assertion that the feeling among the troops was one of extreme bitterness towards the people of the State of South Carolina.”  ThePhiladelphia Inquirer cheered on as Sherman’s army raped, pillaged, burned, and plundered through the state, calling South Carolina “that accursed hotbed of treason.”

In a January 31, 1864 letter to Major R.M. Sawyer, Sherman explained the reason why he hated the South in general, and South Carolina in particular, so much.  The war, he said “was the result of a false political doctrine that any and every people have a right to self-government.”  In the same letter Sherman referred to states’ rights, freedom of conscience, and freedom of the press as “trash” that had “deluded the Southern people into war.”

Sherman’s subordinates expressed similar opinions.  In 1865 Major George W. Nichols published a book about his exploits during Sherman’s “march” in which he describing South Carolinians as “the scum, the lower dregs of civilization” who are “not Americans; they are merely South Carolinians.”  General Carl Schurz is quoted by Stokes as remarking that “South Carolina – the state which was looked upon by the Northern soldier as the principal instigator” of the war was “deserving of special punishment.” 

All of this is so telling because it reveals that neither Sherman, nor his subordinate officers, nor the average “soldier” in his army, were motivated by anything having to do with slavery.  South Carolina suffered more than any other state at the hands of Sherman’s raping, looting, plundering, murdering, and house-burning army because that is where the secession movement started.  It was NOT because there were more slaves there than in other states, or because of anything else related to slavery.  It was because South Carolinians, even more than other Southerners, did not believe in uncompromising obedience to the central state.

Shortly after the war ended some prominent Northerners began to pour into South Carolina to revel in the scenes of destruction (and to steal whatever they could).  The goofy Brooklyn, New York, Reverend Henry Ward Beecher went on one such excursion and gave a speech while standing under a giant U.S. flag in Charleston in which he declared:

“Let no man misread the meaning of this unfolding flag!  It says, ‘GOVERNMENT hath returned hither.’  It proclaims in the name of vindicated government, peace and protection to loyalty; humiliations and pains to traitors.  This is the flag of sovereignty.  The nation, not the States, is sovereign.  Restored to authority, this flag commands, not supplicates . . . .  There may be pardon [for former Confederates], but no concession . . . .  The only condition of submission is to submit!”

In other words, the purpose of the war was to “prove” once and for all the false nationalist theory that the states were never sovereign; they did not ratify the Constitution, as explained in Article 7; the constitution created them; that the states never delegated certain powers to the central government in the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8); and that the central government is to have unlimited “supremacy” over all individuals and institutions.

This was the nationalist superstition about the American founding, first fabricated by Alexander Hamilton and repeated by successive generations of nationalist/consolodationist/mercantilist despots such as John Marshall, Joseph Story, Daniel Webster, and Abraham Lincoln.

This is why Sherman and his army reveled so much in their brutalization of defenseless South Carolinian women and children and the looting and destruction of their property.  And they bragged about it for the rest of their lives.  Much of the boasting is catalogued in South Carolina Civilians in Sherman’s Path. Stokes quotes a General Charles Van Wyck as writing that “nearly every house on our line of march has been destroyed.”  An “embedded” New York reporter named David P. Conyngham is quoted as described one South Carolina town after observing “the smoking ruins of the town, to tall, black chimneys looking down upon it like funeral mutes” with “old women and children, hopeless, helpless, almost frenzied, wandering amidst the desolation.” The book contains dozens of other eye-witness accounts by Union Army soldiers and Southern civilians of the burning down of entire cities and towns, rape, robbery, and wanton destruction of all varieties of private property, all of it occurring after the Confederate Army had vacated.  All to prove once and for all, to South Carolinians and all other Americans, North and South, that federalism and self-government was a “delusion,” to quote General Sherman himself.